P. Peter Lah DJ o jezuitskem delu na Višarjah, romarski stični točki treh narodnih skupin

The view from my room at Monte santo di Lussari/ Višarje/ Luschari (Italy, province of Udine) opens to three adjacent valleys: Drau in Austria, Sava and Soča in Slovenia. Behind my back is the valley of Bela/ Fella, a tributary of Tagliamento in north-eastern Italy. For centuries (660 years to be exact) this shrine has been the destination for pilgrims from these valleys. (Did I mention that the water from “my” part of the building flows into the Black Sea whereas the other half of the roof feeds the Mediterranean Sea?) Geologically, we are a dividing point, a continental divide. Spiritually, we are a meeting point of three major European ethnic groups: Slavic, Germanic, and Latin peoples.

(nadaljevanje članka in foto)