Spiritual Training for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Are you a Leader?

Technical knowledge is crucial for entrepreneurs. However, certain personality traits, virtues, skills, and psychophysical health are necessary for us to face the everyday challenges we confront in our work.  We may find that we try to push the stresses we deal with daily into the background assuming we can deal with them tomorrow.  Sometimes tomorrow never comes.


Relentless pressure may force us to lose sight of our goals and dreams, become alienated from our truest selves, and need to retreat for some time of physical, psychological, and spiritual rest and re-creation.


It is a special gift of the wise and spiritually mature to be in touch with their deepest selves so as to live comfortably in the here and now. This understanding of psyche and spirit allows us to respond with calm creativity to the challenges and crises in both our personal and business lives.


The Jesuits invite you to join to a period of retreat, spiritual reflection, and exercises that help to explore and become comfortable with one’s deepest self.  During this retreat–that was designed specifically for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs–there will be the opportunity to look into oneself in order to be refreshed and perhaps reborn personally, spiritually, and professionally.  In the span of a weekend of ascetic practices, silence, and work, those making the retreat will explore their deepest selves with the help of experienced spiritual guides, so as to return to their business lives, renewed and refreshed.


Directed by Peter Rožič SJ PhD,  Jože Roblek SJ PhD and Peter Knauer SJ PhD
Dates: December 29 – 31 (Basic and Elementary Training)

January 11 – 14 (Advanced Training)


In a beautiful, undisclosed location in Slovenia or Belgium
Information and registration: duhovni.trening@gmail.com or 070-499-850

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