The 2015 Slovenia Summer Fellowship Program

LjubljanaThe “Slovenia Summer Fellowship” Program (SSF) provides student support, allowing fellows to focus on their research and education, while building lasting relationships. The purpose of the SSF is to strengthen study exchange between Slovenia and the Americas, with the objective of giving talented students from the Americas the ability to realize their potential while in Slovenia.




About the Summer Slovenia Fellowship

  • The 2015 SSF Program offers three fellowships.
  • Fellowships provide support for housing expenses, mentorship and educational projects for up to a 10-week summer educational visit to a Slovenia-based educational institution through the facilitation of the Research Institute 2020.
  • The Fellowship includes a 5-day educational trip to Budapest (Hungary, with Tomaž Mikuš SJ).
  • Fellowships can begin as early as June 2015 and end in mid-August.


Applications are open to students enrolled in a higher education institution. A typical applicant is a senior undergraduate student (entering the final year of studies) or masters student. Speaking Slovenian is recommended but not necessary.

Receiving Institution

  • Research Institute 2020 (hereafter “RI2020”) is the receiving institution:
  • The RI2020 provides educational and research opportunities as well as professional and personal training.
  • Director: Peter Rožič SJ
  • Location: Ulica stare pravde 11, 1000 Ljubljana

Participating Institutions

The RI2020 will help successful applicants do personal research (under the supervision of Dr. Peter Rožič SJ, political science, philosophy) and have a chance to become research interns at several amazing people and institutions collaborating with the RI2020, including:

  • The University of Ljubljana

    • Political Science Department: with Dr. Boštjan Udovič (International Relations)
    • Theology Department: with Dr. Ivan Platovnjak SJ (Theology and Spirituality)
    • Computer and Information Science Department: with Marinka Žitnik (big data management)
  • American Chamber of Commerce: with Ajša Vodnik and Summer Economics Institute
  • Social Academy: Video and other Projects linking Leadership, Civil Society and Social Entrepreneurship with Matej Cepin and others.
  • Architectural Studies, Landscape Planning and Field Work: with Robert Dolinar SJ, an internationally awarded architect.

How to apply: a two-stage selection process

  1. Join Awesomi, the interactive education platform allowing you to track and share your lifetime learnings with the community.  Applicants feel free to impress the community by writing articles, showing diverse skills and help community answering their questions. Awesomi will also help you answer your questions related to the SSF Program. Join
  2. Applications should include:

  • Curriculum Vitae with a focus on applicant’s research.
  • Transcripts of applicant’s courses.
  • A Letter of Intent (no longer than 1 page) that should include:
  • Previous research experience: list and describe all of your project/research work for courses, participation at research projects, lab work at your department, your independent research, etc.
  • A proposal for a project or an idea for your paper/thesis that you want to work on during your visit. Describe the project and argue why you find it interesting.
  • One reference letter
  • The letter should (among other things) clearly describe your contribution to the research projects you participated in.
  • The letter should be written by the supervisors/advisors of your past educational and research projects, classes, (summer) internships, or your diploma thesis.

All documents should be submitted by the candidates in the PDF format to

The deadline for (1) entering Awesomi and (2) submitting the documents is 28 May 2015. For better candidate’s results, we recommend joining Awesomi as soon as possible.