Leader and businessmanAcademic knowledge is important for entrepreneurs, but not as much as certain personality traits and virtues and good psychophysical condition that helps us face everyday challenges.


We often lose touch with ourselves and sight of goals and wishes that flicker restlessly deep down and want to come up to the surface every now and then. Stress and everyday rush forces us to keep suppressing them again and again and postponing them to a later time. To tomorrow that will perhaps never come.


Being in touch with ourselves and finding ourselves in our depths, to live here and now – this is a special privilege and a wise person of Spirit will try to keep. It allows us to successfully respond to challenges and turning points in personal and business life.


The Jesuits invite you to join us and explore your depths, together and individually. During this specially designed spiritual training everyone will look inside themselves in order to be reborn personally, spiritually and professionally. We will be rigorous, hard-working and successful. During a weekend (or week) of asceticism and silence – something that every businessman occasionally needs – we will face ourselves and return renewed and reborn.


Directed by Peter Rožič SJ PhD and Jože Roblek SJ PhD

Information and registration: duhovni.trening@gmail.com or 070-499-850

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